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Any business consists of hundreds of small projects and very often we use the tools of project management, so the answer is definitely Yes!- I used the studied tools. But only more consciously, which increases the effectiveness of any action.

Proper planning is one of the most important and frequently used tools that I.

Structuring and standardization of all processes in the company. Managing time, quality, cost. The use of analytical methods of analysis (Pareto, SWOT, PEST) to make the right decisions.

Year of study or graduation program - 2011

Format of training - full-time

The company and the position during training - Aroma Espresso Bar, Quality control

Current place of work and position - Aroma Espresso Bar, Operations Director (COO)

How increased Your efficiency( maybe the efficiency of the company as a whole) after the application of the obtained tools?

Was built the internal system of quality management ( as quality of service and product quality). Carried out standardization of all processes in the company that improved the quality and speed of decisions. Automated internal inventory management and material values. Built a working system of communication . Built a system of evaluation and personnel motivation ( before that did not exist in the company).

How did Your learning for career and professional activities? If so, how?

Yes affected, the increase in positions through the year.

Changed Your philosophy/opinion about continuing professional development?

Not changed, as I have always believed that to learn and need to develop constantly. And Yes of course I understand how important the approach of system management.

Business Council from a professional expert

Always beginning any project, you need all 100% why is it important and what is its value. Otherwise you are just wasting your time, wasting resources for nothing.

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